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0a is a N dimensional object created by commingling 0s and 1s with unicorn potions that taste nothing like unbrewed wine, and what you are seeing is the cross-section of it at time T. The only cocern here is what's written but not who's visited. And I am the sole contributor of it, Archy Wilhes. Glad to see you here.
My name is Archy Wilhes. I am a hunter. I constantly hunt for opportunities to undergo neuroplasticity that can result in cognitive enhancement in order that I can be more cognitively advanced than other members of my species. I'm looking forward to having more humans join me in this cognitive odyssey. I will be using 0a to share my knowledge with everyone on the Internet. You can share yours with me too. (Send me a link to your books, articles, papers, and/or things that you think I should read. My email is archy@0ar.ch.)(Don't worry, I am an autodidact. Given a sufficient amount of time, I should be able to comprehend any concept, any theory, anything, as long as it comes from a human. Of course, I would prefer it to be written in English and expressed in a way that is easy to understand.)

I also happen to be a dreamer. I dream a lot. When I dropped out of school volitionally at the age of 16, I was sure that my purpose in life is to change the world, which involves revolutionizing the current education system that is based on a fast-food model. And to accomplish that I would need to first demonstrate that, even if a person has never been considered gifted and, for some reasons, was a demoted student two years older than her or his classmates, it is not necessary for her or him to finish high school (or secondary school) and university to matriculate at a graduate school, as long as she or he is really interested in what she or he is learning.

From what I can logically induced, reality is what I defined as "a mathematical simulation". The universe that we are in is a computational construct. Unlike most members of my species, I don't wish to live long in this simulation. My only wish is to be able to better deconstruct the frabics of this cosmos, and fulfil my purpose in life before I die.

I write. And I code. I am fluent in two human languages and a couple of programming languages that I use to write algorithms and data structures, normally for web and mobile app developement with the help of libraries and frameworks. (How lucky I am to be living at this time, the first moment in human history when there are abundents of libraries and frameworks out there with many being open-soruce.)

Besides being a programmer, I am also a web and GUI designer. I am not really good at dealing with compleixty when it comes to visual communication. I would normally work on minimalist designs.

I am pretty interested in the field of computational complexity and quantum computering. My plan now is to enroll in the CSE graduate program at MIT. I am 18 this year, and the deadline I give myself is by the age of 20 so that I can start doing research effectively in my early twenties. Afterwards I am planning to further my studies in quantum field theory, neuroscience, and topology.

The next milestone in human evolution would be to an enormous improvement in the computational performance of the brain. To achieve that, I believe a new branch of computational neuroscience would emerge, one that studies neural algorithms based on a mathematical model that accruately describes the low-level activities in the central nervous system of an organism (i.e. a type of Turing Machine). And I dream to be one of the people who make it happen.

● ● ●

It is true that these all sound rather unrealistic and pathetically optimistic. And many people would find me rather presumptuous and kinda bumptious. But I dream a lot. And I care little about what others think of me. To be great is to be misunderstood.

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